Failed to log in to launcher



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    Marine - GameSessions

    Hi, it looks like you couldn't log in a first because you hadn't confirmed your account. After that was done, the reason for login failure was "incorrect password". 

    I suggest you reset your password and try again.

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    Paulo Henrique Machado de Castro

    What part of this did not you understand?: "I've done this confirmation countless times, it's in an infinite looping."

    I have already confirmed it several times, and every time this error appears send me confirmation emails again, your system is incompetent for not confirming.

    If it was wrong password it would have "wrong password" message and not "failed to log in". I already changed my password and it did not work.

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    Marine - GameSessions

    Your account is already confirmed. The reason you cannot log in is because you're using an incorrect password. 

    Our system shows you've never managed to log in to your account, and you have not reset your password. 

    Simply follow the link saying "Recuperar senha" to reset your password.

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