I buy the game twice, but the error, the money is spent



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    Тоже самое!

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    Dima Golyshev

    What zip code is needed? I entered my real Russia zip , bank zip code and random US zip code, but I got an error all the time

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    Marine - GameSessions

    Hi! I've looked at the transaction on our side for both of you, and can see that you attempted to buy a key for Hitman: Absolution.

    However, the transaction was rejected by our systems. It looks as though the postcode check failed. The postcode required is the address where your card is registered.

    According to our accounts, no money was taken from your account.     

    In situations like this, sometimes the bank locks the expected payment for 24-48 hours, making it look as if the payment has been taken. 

    Could you check your bank account again and confirm that the locked payment has been returned to your account? 

    We're working on improving the payment system to get away from the post code check, so hopefully it should make things easier for users.

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