How to launch GameSession Runtime manually ?



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    Marine - GameSessions

    Hi Marc, our support section is different to our website, so you can create another account with the same details as your GameSessions account to post here.

    We will be implementing controls to help you manage our desktop application as soon as we can, but at the moment, there is no built-in tool to prevent our desktop app from launching on start-up.

    To do this manually, open your Task Manager, click on the Start-up tab, right click on “GameSessions Tray” and select “Disable”.

    If you want to create a shortcut, you'll find the app as "GSDesktop.exe" in %PROGRAMFILES%\Tangentix\Runtime\x64. 

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    Marc RENE

    Hi Marine,

    Thx for your answers.

    I can decide by myself when to launch the application now

    Have a nice day !

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